Warehouse location naming convention

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Location / Bin Naming conventions

Warehouse location naming conventions

Key to achieving optimum warehouse efficiency is minimisation of time and distance the picker and stock is required to travel to and from its storage location. Disciplined planning with understanding of the picker’s logical thinking is the first step in achieving the desired outcome. Taking the guess work away from the picker alleviates time wasted. Pickers or stocktakers are employed to pick, not having to guess or reason where the stock may be placed. This is useful in times of absenteeism, high staff turnover or utilising contract labour. All the above adds to efficiency in pickers reaching the stock, saving time and money.

Our team came across such naming convention where the warehouse used actual street names of that particular capital city. This may go against traditional warehouse naming but it proved logical for pickers to quickly identify aisle location of stock. It also became useful during the high season when contract labour were used as they knew exactly what streets were next to one another. Successful naming conventions must first set rules governing strict disciplines that must be adhered to. Making the end result simple for the picker is key.

Start in logical sense such as A,B,C,D, sequential order not just by name but also physical location. First physical aisle is A, second B and so on. Next consider locations within the aisle, the number sections and rows from floor level upwards. This is done by combining the aisle with another unique sequential system such as A1, A2, A3, A4. Simple rule is no two locations must have the same name. Remember naming convention for the warehouse does not need to be too technical. It must be easy for the end user and have the ability to expand with growth of the warehouse.

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