Wearable Bluethooth Android Barcode Scanner- R Series (1D & 2D)


The ScanSKU™ Wearable Barcode Scanner is designed to be used with a companion Android Smart Phone. Perfect for Warehouse Picking, Packing and Inventory Management, the Scanner can be paired with most Android Smart Phones and Tablets. Free Shipping within Australia and the US.

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Wearable Bluetooth Android Barcode Scanner

The ScanSKU™ Wearable Barcode Scanner (R Series 1D and 2D) is designed to be used with a companion Android Smart Phone. This device is designed specifically for high repetition warehouse picking and to be both ergonomic and comfortable to wear whilst pick/packing orders.


  • Bluetooth Scanner
  • Forearm mount for your smartphone (rotatable)
  • Wrist strap (as an alternative to the forearm mount)

Please note: The wearable scanner does not come with an Android device, you can use existing devices or purchase these separately. Please contact us for recommended devices.



The Perfect Solution for Inventory Management, Stocktakes, and Pick/Packing

The ScanSKU™ Wearable Barcode Scanner is an ergonomic device which can enable you to Mobilise your operations. The key feature is being able to pair the scanner with just about any Android device, giving you the maximum flexibility depending on your Android application. If you require a larger screen, then you can pair it with a tablet, or pair it with a basic smartphone if your application is optimised for Mobile screens. The Scanner is photographed here using the HTC A9.

We partner and work with, a number of Application and Platform developers, so if you are looking for recommendations for your warehouse operations, please contact us. We provide details for some of the ones we recommend here.

We offer a 30-day money back policy if it doesn’t meet your needs. This is perfect if you’re wanting to trial the Wearable Scanner with your device and platform.

You will require an Android device (not included with the Wearable Barcode Scanner). The mount fits smartphones with a screen from 4 to 6 inches

Any questions, please contact us!


WeightBarcode Scanner: 50

(Weights do not include the Android device, as they are all different sizes and weights)

ConnectivityBluetooth (between scanner and phone)
Barcode Scanner1D & 2D Barcode Scanner
Scanning RangeBarcode size and quality dependent: Example. Barcode Width = 28mm, Scanning Range up to 280mm
CompatibilityDevices with Android 4.0+
Battery700 mAh Li-ion battery



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Weight.275 kg


Barcode Scanner

1D & 2D Barcode Scanner


Devices with Android 4.0+. Screens 4-6 Inch

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