ScanSKU has partnered with Camcode

ScanSKU is pleased to announce a partnership with Camcode Asset Tracking Solutions.   Camcode is a market leader and specialises in: Asset Tags Warehouse Labels Utility Asset Labels UID Lables Just about any other Labels Using a full range of … Read More

Case Study I ScanSKU & a Hardware Retailer

ScanSKU has worked with HardwareBox, a Door Hardware Retailer, to reduce picking errors and streamline their warehouse operations. Click here for the full press release on how this was achieved.

Warehouse location naming convention

Location / Bin Naming conventions Key to achieving optimum warehouse efficiency is minimisation of time and distance the picker and stock is required to travel to and from its storage location. Disciplined planning with understanding of the picker’s logical thinking is the … Read More

Warehouse Slotting I ScanSKU

Introduction- Warehouse Slotting Warehouse slotting is the practice of placing your products within your warehouse in the most logical and efficient locations. This article steps through the decisions you have to make before going down the warehouse slotting route. Whilst … Read More

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