Customer Spotlight: ScanSKU Picking with Techsew

Raphael Sewing Machines Inc. / Techsew has reduced picking time by 20%. Now orders move from picking area to shipping station with less delay and greater accuracy Raphael Sewing Machines Inc. / Techsew was established in 1974 as a supplier … Read More

Dear Inventory and ScanSKU

DEAR (WMS) provides wireless barcode scanning to improve order picking. If you need to increase the productivity of your warehouse team, DEAR (WMS) Mobile picking can help you:• Reduce picking errors through barcode scanning and order validation • Increase productivity … Read More

skumob Inventory Management

skumob is the only ‘mobile first’ inventory management platform on the market. The platform has been designed around their Android App to allow users to perform all inventory actions out in the warehouse, in real-time, whilst the actions are being performed. … Read More

Scan into Excel

We get lots of questions around how to scan into an Excel workbook. Check out the demo here ! View integration details  

Case Study I ScanSKU & a Hardware Retailer

ScanSKU has worked with HardwareBox, a Door Hardware Retailer, to reduce picking errors and streamline their warehouse operations. Click here for the full press release on how this was achieved.

Warehouse location naming convention

Location / Bin Naming conventions Key to achieving optimum warehouse efficiency is minimisation of time and distance the picker and stock is required to travel to and from its storage location. Disciplined planning with understanding of the picker’s logical thinking is the … Read More

Warehouse Slotting I ScanSKU

Introduction- Warehouse Slotting Warehouse slotting is the practice of placing your products within your warehouse in the most logical and efficient locations. This article steps through the decisions you have to make before going down the warehouse slotting route. Whilst … Read More