It all started out of a need to develop a  better solution for Stocktakes and Inventory Control

ScanSKU started out due to the important need for all business who carry stock to perform Stocktakes, yet very little ‘simple to deploy’ technology existed. We soon discovered all the existing solutions on the market were targeted to the largest of companies and required an IT team just to implement and integrate it with the companies existing systems. In short, we did not like what was on offer.

So we used our decades of logistics experience, listened to potential clients, learned the ins and outs of the supply chains across many industries and developed the ScanSKU Stocktaking Product. A ready to go solution which can be deployed and can begin its first Stocktake within minutes of opening the box.

From there the product developed further and is now compatible with hundreds of apps and platforms across warehousing, transport, mobile invoicing and more. We now work directly with the platform developers to test compatibility and help improve their functionality. Many developers have designed their applications and platforms around our M Series Barcode Scanner specifically, to make the most of its features.

ScanSKU has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

The advantage of the Android platform is the flexibility, so if you have an idea or requirement beyond Stocktaking, feel free to contact us at anytime and I am sure we can help!