Scanner Hardware- M Series

Simplicity and compatibility. Historically warehouse (and retail) barcode scanners were developed in tandem with custom software specific to the needs of the particular warehouse software the business used. This is still the case today which is why most solutions need an IT team just to implement. Our scanner has the most common mobile platform in the world, Android, so is as simple to use as your mobile phone.
Yes it sure does! It comes pre-loaded with all the standard Android Apps, (web browser, gmail etc...) as well as our in house developed ScanSKU Stocktaking application. Of course, if there is another app you'd like to use, you can also download that from the google play store direct onto the device. Critically our Devices are not 'locked' or 'closed' so you're free down download and install any app.
Short answer...very. From the exterior casing to the screen and ports, the scanner has been designed for the harshest of environments from the warehouse to the retail or factory floor. It's drop proof from 1.5 meters and water resistant.
Yes it does. It has an inbuild camera, MicroSD Slot, SIM slot, hard key buttons and a strap to go around your hand. For a full list please see the 'Scanner Features' page from the main menu.
The Scanner has been specifically designed to be easy to use for stocktaking purposes. There is a 'scan' button on the front and also one on the right hand side of the unit, so you can choose between the 2 depending on which you find easier to use. There is also a keypad below the screen so you do not have to use the touch screen keypad, a great feature in particular if you're using gloves.
No. You can order just 1, or as many as you require!
We get asked this a lot. You actually do not require barcodes. Of course ideally it will make your stocktakes easier if you do there are several workarounds.
There are apps available which utilize your smartphones camera to scan barcodes. These are not recommended for several reasons.1. Using the camera on your phone to scan a barcode is slow. Scanning more then a few items will become tiresome. 2, Smartphones are fragile and are not designed for the harsh environment of the warehouse or retail floor (drops, extreme temps etc,). 3. Using the camera on your phone will drain the battery very quickly. 4. Smartphones don't have a proper 'scan' button or other hard keys, so you'll be fiddling around with the screen to do this. Finally, a smartphone with a decent enough camera is going to cost upwards of $800, so is not really economical either. Your smartphone might be ok for a small business operating out of your garage, although for anything larger you'll be glad you have a specifically designed barcode scanner.

ScanSKU Stocktaking Platform

Virtually any type of stocktake is possible with our ScanSKU app. We support product barcodes, location barcodes, multiple SKUs per location, multiple users conducting stocktakes, pre-loading data onto the scanner to drive the order of the stocktake and many more options. Visit our Stocktake App page for more information
Absolutely. The Scanner runs Android software so you can download any app from the google play store or another app source you have.
Could not be simpler. As soon as the stocktake is complete, you simply select the stocktake(s) you would like to share, and you click the email button. This allows you to email to your own PC or anyone you like! If you don't have or want to use WiFi you can simply plug your scanner into your PC and copy the stocktake results across to your PC! This means WiFi is not a prerequisite like many other solutions on the market.
Once you complete the stocktake the data is finalized in an XML file. XML files can easily be opened in Excel or most other database software programs.
No you do not. If you have location barcodes or location identifiers and you wish to use them then that is great! The app supports this. If you do not have location id's then that is fine too, they are not required, you simply select the 'no locations' stocktake template, and off you go to begin stocktaking.
Yes you can. All Warehouse management systems (WMS), ERPs or other applications you may use will have different requirements as to the format of the input file. Your stocktake results from our app can be opened in excel and modified to suit your upload needs. This may mean changing column names or moving columns around etc.... The ability to open your data and do this in excel makes it pretty easy to get it ready for upload into any application.
Unfortunately not. Our app is specifically designed for our ScanSKU Scanner and it will not be optimal on any other device such as a smartphone. Ultimately, we want to give the user the best possible experience and this is achieved by combining both the scanner and the application.
Absolutely. You can use the app for doing such things as counting receipts (deliveries) into your warehouse, stock counting orders (e.g. to confirm a customer order has all the items picked). You can also use it to do other data collection in your warehouse or retail store such as capturing measurements or products, asset management, capturing expiry dates, product conditions and photos of items. These functions are all available by downloading to the device, the many templates we have. You can do this direct form the scanning application.

Ordering and Delivery

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