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What Accessories are currently available for the M Series?

The current range of Accessories include, Charging Dock, Rubber case, Screen Protector, Carry Case/Bag, Wrist Strap, Hand Strap, Forklift Mount and Windshield Mount. They are available here

There are also 3rd party suppliers such as ScannerCase who make cases and boots for the M Series

Do you have multi unit charging docks?

No, not a present. Only the docks which charge a scanner and spare battery at the same time

How do I order the mounts?

We generally don’t hold stock of the windshield mount and forklift mount, so please email us and we can arrange these items for you.

Which Accessories come with the Scanner?

The following Accessories come with the purchase of each Scanner: Rubber Case, Screen protector, wrist strap and hand strap. As we as the micro USB charger

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