Basics and Settings

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Common Settings and Tips


Access Hard Keyboard Alpha Keys (blue keys)

On the Hard Keyboard, Hold FN (Blue key) and press #. Repeat to disable


Enable Return (Enter) or Tab after Scan

An app called Scanner (Blue Icon) comes pre-installed on the device.

Open the Scanner App, Select Settings–> Additional Content. Click the gear next to it. Select Enter or Tab


Factory Reset

When troubleshooting, you may have to reset the device:

Navigate to Settings–>Reset–>Factory data reset.

(Back-up data you do not want to loose during the reset)


Removing the battery terminal tag

For shipping, the devices will have a plastic tag on the battery terminals. This is to ensure the device doesn’t accidentally turn on whilst being shipped. When you first receive your M Series, you will need to remove this tag, To do this:

  1. On the back of the scanner, turn the 2 knobs above the battery cover. The left one anti-clockwise and the right one clockwise. (These hold the battery cover on)
  2. Remove the battery cover. You may need to ‘lever’ it from the top with something such as an ID card or pen, if it doesn’t come off easily.
  3. Remove the battery and you will see the plastic tag covering the terminals. Remove this plastic tag, then reinsert battery and re-attach battery cover. Ensure you re-lock the 2 knobs above the battery cover.


Other Settings and Troubleshooting:

Settings App

The Settings for the Barocde Scanner can be found in the App called ‘Scanner’. Open this app. Below is a list and description of each setting and what you would use it for.

Open ScanEnable or disable the scanner
Output ModeThese 4 modes are settings to change the method the scanning of the barcode is broadcase to an app. The most common modes are Keyboard Mode and Editbox mode. The mode required depends on the app you’re using. If you’re app is not reading the barcode, we suggest trying different modes.
Decoding Feedback
     SoundsBeep noise on scanner on/off
     VibrateVibrate on scanner on/off
     Additional contentTo set an action after scanning. Enter key will be performed after scan. For example if you want to scan, then jump straight to the next field without pressing enter key. Tab key is the same although will perform a tab function.
     Decoding modeUsed depending on what barcodes you are scanning to ensure the scanner is able to decode them.
Additional function
     Continuous modeEnabling this will keep the scanning lamp on. Used if you’re scanning multiple barcodes one after another.
     Indicator lampTo toggle the indicator lamp at the top left of the barcode scanner on/off upon scanning
Advanced setting
     Append prefixEnter characters here to appear at the start of the barcode when you scan. For example if you want a ‘0’ to appear at the start of every barocde, you enter 0 here.
     Append suffixEnter characters here to appear at the end of the barcode when you scan.
     Filter characterSelect if you wish to remove any characters from the scanned barcode. For example entering ‘49’ here will result in barcode 63749782656, appear as 637782656
Reset scannerResets the scanner. Can be used for troubleshooting



Hiding the on screen keyboard

Android 7:

For devices running Android 7, Please see this article for hiding the on-screen keyboard

Android 5:

By default, the on screen keyboard will appear when a text field is selected. If you are using the hard keyboard for your application you may not want the on screen keyboard to appear. There are 2 options depending on your requirements

  • You still want the on screen keyboard to appear but you wish to minimise it whilst using your app
  • When the on screen keyboard appears, simple press the End key (Button 3 in figure 1 within this guide). This will minimise it until you reselect a field by tapping the screen.
  • You want to disable the onscreen keyboard completely. To do this:
  • Download the app used to hide the keyboard:


Once downloaded, install the app by dragging your finger down on the top menu at the top of the screen. Select the downloaded file. Accept all installation messages.

  • Once installed. Go to Settings–>Language & InputàCurrent Keyboard–>Choose Keyboards
  • And enable the ‘Null Input Method’
  • Return and select current keyboard and select ‘Null Input Method

To revert to having the on screen keyboard appear, Go to Settings–>Language & Input–>Current Keyboard and select the first option ‘Android Keyboard


Additional Tip: Bring up on screen keyboard whilst using an app

If you generally do not require the on screen keyboard to use your application, although it is required every now and then to enter text, here is a tip:

  • Install the null keyboard as above
  • Go to the google play store and install the app called ‘Keyboard Swap’. Your device will need to be restarted after install
  • Once restarted, this will allow you to switch, whilst using an app, between no-keyboard (null keyboard) and the normal default keyboard (Android Keyboard), simply by dragging down the notifications menu at the top of the screen and clicking the keyboard swap image.


Keeping Wi-Fi on

By default, the device will disable the Wi-Fi when it is in sleep mode to save battery. Some applications require the Wi-Fi to remain on. To ensure it remains on whilst in sleep mode:

Navigate to Settings–>Wi-Fi. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right of the screen. Select Advanced. For the menu option Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, set this to ‘Always


Sim Card/Micro SD

The Sim Card bay can be found by turning off your device, removing the battery cover and removing the battery. It is located behind the battery. Restart your device after inserting.

The SD Slot can be found on the upper right hand side of the scanner, behind the water proof flap.

The USB Slot can be found on the upper right hand side of the scanner, behind the water proof flap.

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