Dispatch Stock

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To Dispatch stock into your warehouse, select the DISPATCH tile in the main menu.

1. Select the Ship # checkbox at the top right of the screen if you wish to attach a Shipping number or reference # to the stock being dispatched (optional)

2. Scan the Barcode/SKU you wish to dispatch (You can also select and search existing barcode/SKU numbers by selecting the magnifying glass)

3. Once the SKU has been scanned or selected, you will be shown any existing locations the SKU is being stored in. Select the location you’re dispatching the stock from.

4. Enter the Quantity being Dispatched (If ‘Scan Every Item’ has been enabled in the Settings Menu, you will scan each item being dispatched at this point, rather than enter the quantity manually)

5. Select Dispatch / Deduct Stock. A green pop up will confirm the stock has been dispatched, or a red popup, if any data is missing preventing dispatch.

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