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If you have purchased one of the ScanSKU Android Scanners you also received access to download any number of the in- house apps we have developed. With your scanner you will have received a “Quick Start Guide”. This contains the download link and password to access the download area.


  1. Before attempting to download an app, you will need to go to the Settings App, Select Security and enable “Unknown sources

2. On the Device, open a browser and navigate to the download page from the Quick Start Guide in the box. Enter your password.

Press the blue “DOWNLOAD” button next to the app you wish to download

3. When the popup asks do you want to download, click download. The below is in the Chrome browser, so it may look different in the Android, Firefox or other browsers. Once download, it will give you an option to open, or take you to the list of downloaded files where you can click the file to open it and install.

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