Hiding the on-screen (or virtual) keyboard

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Sometimes, you may not want the ‘on-screen’ or ‘virtual keyboard’ to pop up. This is particularly the case when you’re using the hard keyboard only. To disable the on-screen keyboard on the ScanSKU M Series:

Open the Settings App and Navigate to:

Settings–> Languages & Input–> Physical Keyboard
Then disable the “Show virtual keyboard”
To switch between showing and hiding it:
  1. When you press your finger in any textbox. You can do this within the app called ‘Scanner’, if you don’t have app to try it in.
  2. In the top bar you will see a small keyboard appear.


















3. Drag your finger down on the top bar and click on ‘Change Keyboard’




















4. Here you will see the toggle to disable or enable the on-screen keyboard. To reactivate the keyboard, follow the same steps as above.



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