Perform a hard reset

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If your device is not turning on or is not loading past the start up screens you may need to perform a hard reset.

Please note, this will return your device back to factory settings and you will loose any apps or data you had on the device:

Steps to hard reset:

1. Turn the device off. If it won’t turn off, remove the battery from the back and re-insert it.

2. hold down power button (red button bottom right) and left scan button at the same time (hold left scan slightly before power button) keep holding and see if it enters a black ‘boot’ screen with words such as ‘recovery.

You might have to try a couple of times as you have to get the timing of holding the keys right. You can remove the battery before each time to turn off and try again.

When you get to that screen.

1. Use left scan button to cycle through the 3 options to get to ‘recovery mode’ use right scan button (top orange button on right side) to select it.

2. an android image may or may not appear. If it does, press the other orange button on the right side, below the scan button

(If you see a “No Command” Screen,  press and hold Power, and while holding Power, press left scan button once)

3. It should now go to another screen with a list of options. Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’. Do this by using right scan button to scroll down to it and power button to select it.

4. Next screen, cycle down to ‘Yes’ line and follow instructions to reset it.

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