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The Inventory App allows the user to determine some basic settings

1. Scan Every Item

Enabling this requires the user to scan each item being receipted or dispatched. Disabling allows the user to ‘type’ in the quantity, often used if there are a large number of items and scanning each one is not practical.

2. Blind Stocktake

A Blind stocktake is often preferred by some organisations so the stocktaker is not influenced by the quantity the system/database is showing. Enabling this will hide the quantity for a particular SKU in your database. Disabling this will show the stocktaking the database quantity on hand.

3. Clear User Tracking Data

By default, every stock adjustment (receipt, dispatch, transfer, cycle count, data upload) is tracked with the change details and user email ID. Selecting this button will clear out all existing tracking data. This is recommended every now and then to ensure optimal speed performance of your database. You can export this data before deleting, in the ‘Reports’ Module.

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