ScanSKU Cloud Stocktaking is a solution for completing your stocktaking by saving records to a Google Fusion Table. Google fusion is very similar to Microsoft Excel, but is on the cloud, so you can access your data from any device which has internet access.

Please contact us for information around using our Stocktaking on the Cloud App.


Setting up your fusion tables.

In the ‘Help/Settings screen in the app you will see 2 boxes. One for the Table link, and one for the table ID

Create a Google Fusion Table

  1. Go to Google Fusion Tables here
  2. You will be given a few different options for the new table. Select Create empty table.
  3. You will see that the new table automatically comes with four columns. Change the column names by going to Edit > Change Columns.You’ll rename the four default columns to Date (type=Date), Location (type=Text), BarcodeScan (type=Text), Quantity (type=Text). Click save

google fusion table data

Set up access

  1. In the Fusion Table, click “Share”
  2. Find “Invite people”
  3. Enter the service account email: [email protected]
  4. Ensure “Can Edit” is selected.
  5. Unlick “notify people” (the service account isn’t a real person so it doesn’t care about the notification)
  6. Click “OK”, and when it says “skip sending notification?” click “OK”.

Input Fusion Table settings into the app

  1. Go to the menu and select Tools > Publish.
  2. You’ll see a notice saying: “This table is private and will not be visible”. Click the blue link that says “Change Visibility”.
  3. In the list of “Who Has Access”, click the blue “Change…” link next to “Private – Only people listed below…”
  4. Choose “Anyone with the link”.
  5. Click the green Save button, then the blue Done button.
  6. Back on the Fusion Table page, go to the menu bar and select Tools > Publish. Select the URL from the top text box (labeled “Send in an email or IM”), copy the URL
  7. Enter this URL into the Table link Textbox on the Help/Settings Screen.
  8. You can find the Table ID by browsing to your table, then selecting File > About this table in the menu. Copy the ID and paste into the Table ID Textbox on the Help/Settings Screen. It is important to get this table ID correct. You can copy it by: highlighting the text (double click it), right clicking and select ‘copy’.
  9. Click the red button: Save table link and ID in the app

You’re ready to go! When you scan items in the App they’ll be sent to your Google Fusion Table. You will need to refresh the table in your browser to see new records appear.



– I get an error when saving a record

The Majority of the time this will be due to an incorrect Table ID. Check for spaces before or after the URL or ID. Also check the column headings in the table itself to ensure they match as per above.

– When scanning, the curser does not move to the next field

You need to enable ‘enter after scan’ Most hardware devices have this as a setting. On the M Series, you can find this in the ‘Scanner’ App, Under Settings’-> Additional Content

– I cannot see the data in the VIEW DATA tab

This can be caused by an incorrect table URL. It can also take a couple of seconds to show the data, as it is pulling it from the web and refreshing each time.

– I don’t need to record locations, how do I remove this field

Whilst you can’t remove the field you can set ‘lock Location’. Then put the location as something generic such as ‘Warehouse 1’. It will not ask you to input the location again until you untick the box.