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The Stocktake module can be accessed by selecting the STOCKTAKE tile on the main screen.

Sometimes a stocktake and cycle count are confused with each-other. The differences are:

Cycle Count

– Normally used to count and update the stock levels of specific SKUs or all the SKUs in 1 location. Can be done whilst picking stock or at random locations/intervals.

– Entering the new stock level updates the stock levels in real time


– Normally the whole warehouse or large group of SKUs are counted in one go

– The new correct quantities collected during the stocktake are not updated in the database at the time of collection, they are collected for review before any changes are made to the database

The critical difference is: you will move through the locations and SKUs and perform the counts, then export the data for review (e.g. for someone to review and sign off on), then the signed off data is imported back into the app to have the database quantities updated.

To perform a stocktake:

1. Select the ‘Start Stocktake’ button in the top menu

2. This will import all your locations, SKUs and quantities on hand into the stocktake module. They will be imported by Location in alpha-numeric order. (Best practice is to label your warehouse locations in alpha-numeric order based on your pickpath.)

3. The 1st location to be counted will be populated. Although, you can skip ahead to another location (i.e. if using multiple stocktakers) by selecting the magnifying glass at the top and selecting the location you wish to start with.

Note: The stocktake will move through each SKU in that location, then move onto the next location and so on. If a location has no SKUs assigned to it, the location will still show, so the stocktaker can confirm the location is empty.

4. To count the first SKU scan the barcode and enter the quantity. If the incorrect barcode is scanned, an error message will appear.

Note: To perform a ‘blind’ stocktake (one where the system quantities are not shown to the stocktaker) you can enable this in the Settings Menu

5. Select ‘Next SKU‘ to move onto the next SKU to be counted.

No stock. If there is zero stock of the particular SKU (and therefore nothing to scan), select the ‘Nil Stock’ checkbox

Unable scan barcode. If for any reason the barcode cannot be scanned (e.g. damaged or missing label), you can select the ‘Auto’ button next to the barcode field, this will enter the barcode being counted so you can continue the stocktake.

Completing a stocktake 


Once all locations and SKUs being counted are complete you will see a box popup asking you to SAVE ONLY or SAVE and EMAIL. Saving only will save a CSV spreadsheet on the device under the filename you type. Save and Email will also save a CSV file onto the device and then open up a ‘sharing’ option to allow you to email the stocktake results to another person for review.


You can also Exit a stocktake at any time. Select the ‘Exit’ button at the top right. You can then Save or Save and Email the locations/SKUs which were completed up until that point.

Importing stocktake Data

As outlined earlier, the stocktake count does not update your quantities in your database at the time of stocktake. This is to allow a review of the data before changing your quantities. Once you’re happy to update your quantities, you can perform this in the ‘Import Data’ menu item on the main screen. See the Importing data article for details on this.

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