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I have just received my scanner and it won’t turn on.


The most likely cause of this is you have not removed the plastic tag covering the battery terminals.

For shipping, the devices will have a plastic tag on the battery terminals. This is to ensure the device doesn’t accidentally turn on whilst being shipped. When you first receive your M Series, you will need to remove this tag, To do this:

Removing the battery terminal tag

  1. On the back of the scanner, turn the 2 knobs above the battery cover. The left one anti-clockwise and the right one clockwise. (These hold the battery cover on)
  2. Remove the battery cover. You may need to ‘lever’ it from the top with something such as an ID card or pen, if it doesn’t come off easily.
  3. Remove the battery and you will see the plastic tag covering the terminals. Remove this plastic tag, then reinsert battery and re-attach battery cover. Ensure you re-lock the 2 knobs above the battery cover.


When I scan nothing appears on the screen


Find an app called Scanner (Blue Icon) comes pre-installed on the device.

Open the Scanner App, Select Settings–> Output Mode. (Click the gear icon next to it). Ensure either “EditBox mode” or “Keyboard Mode’ is selected.



The Battery does not appear to be charging


The cause of this issue could either be the battery or the charging component. If you have another battery you can try, see if that charges ok. If so, then please a log for a replacement battery.

Check the charging port to see if there is any dust or lint in it. Also, check to see if the connector inside the charging port is bent out of place as this could mean the charger is not able to make a good connection.

If you have the optional charging ‘dock’, you can test to see if the dock charges the battery ok. If so, then it’s likely an issue with the charging port on the device. In this case, log a job with us outlining what you have tried and what works/doesn’t work.

It is also worth doing a factory reset and this will sometimes solve the issue.


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