Uploading Your Data (CSV Spreadsheet)

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The most efficient way to load your initial data into the cloud database (or any future bulk data) is to use the IMPORT DATA feature

1. In the main menu select ‘Import Data’

2. There are 2 types of imports. Import ‘Locations’ and ‘Import Stock’. When importing your stock, you will include the bin locations in the file and new locations will be added upon upload, so the common process is to only use the ‘Import Stock’ feature.

Importing only locations would be something you may do in a new warehouse that doesn’t have stock in most locations.

3. You first need to create and copy your input file into the folder on the device you’re using to upload. The input folder should be **Your Device/ScanSKUInventory/

A sample template of the file is attached to this article. 3 columns are required. Barcode, Location and Quantity

4. There is a checkbox above the import buttons. CHECK this box to delete any data in your database before upload (to be used if you’re wanting to replace all existing data with new data). Leave it UNCHECKED if you want to replace existing Location/SKU Quantities with the ones in the import file and create new locations/SKUs for any line items in your import file and not in your cloud database.

5. Now your upload file is on the device, select the file to upload.

6. Once you find the file you wish to upload, select ‘Upload Selected File to Cloud Database’

A progress box will open until the file has been successfully uploaded. Depending on how many line items in your input file, this can take some time. We recommend only uploading 500 line items at a time to ensure it does not time out.

Once uploaded you can check your data is now in the database by returning to the main menu and selecting ‘Reports’. The Inventory data will now appear in the table.

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