Customer Spotlight: ScanSKU Picking with Techsew

Raphael Sewing Machines Inc. / Techsew has reduced picking time by 20%. Now orders move from picking area to shipping station with less delay and greater accuracy   Read the case Customer Spotlight here  

WarehousePlus For Linnworks & ScanSKU

Pick your orders with Linnworks Warehouse Plus is an Android application for online sellers and other business people who use Linnworks. It allows you to do a variety of common tasks from your ScanSKU Barcode Scanner, and uses the built … Read More

skumob Inventory Management

skumob is the only ‘mobile first’ inventory management platform on the market. The platform has been designed around their Android App to allow users to perform all inventory actions out in the warehouse, in real-time, whilst the actions are being performed. … Read More

ScanSKU Database Search App

Our new database lookup app has arrived. Scan your barcode and search your database to return your custom fields. The ScanSKU™ Database Lookup App allows the user to scan a barcode and lookup corresponding data in a database. Load your records into … Read More

Scan into Excel

We get lots of questions around how to scan into an Excel workbook. Check out the demo here ! View integration details  

ScanSKU has released 4 new Applications

ScanSKU has released a new suite of apps to meet the increasing requirements of warehouses and inventory control. The range includes versions which can either work without wi-fi or with wi-fi and have been designed to be simple to operate … Read More

Android vs iOS vs Windows for Mobile Warehousing UK

Comparison Report 2017: Which is best for Enterprise Warehouse Mobile Applications, Android, iOS or Windows Mobile. There has been a shift amongst the 3 players within the enterprise mobile market in the last 12 months. Where once Windows dominated, Android and … Read More

Case Study I ScanSKU & a Hardware Retailer

ScanSKU has worked with HardwareBox, a Door Hardware Retailer, to reduce picking errors and streamline their warehouse operations. Click here for the full press release on how this was achieved.

Warehouse location naming convention

Location / Bin Naming conventions Key to achieving optimum warehouse efficiency is minimisation of time and distance the picker and stock is required to travel to and from its storage location. Disciplined planning with understanding of the picker’s logical thinking is the … Read More

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