ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanners and Integrations- Warehousing Pick/Packing- Asset Management, Mobile Invoicing and POS

ScanSKU™ is a Barcode Scanning and Tracking technology solutions provider. Our Rugged and Tough Android Barcode Scanners are designed to support companies of any size, upgrade their Warehouse, POS, Mobile Invoicing or Asset Management Technology. The ScanSKU Barcode Scanners are compatible with a large number of integrations and apps such as Mobile Reach, SKU Labs, SKU Vault, Odoo and Top Shelf Scout among many other eCommerce, WMS and Asset Management software solutions (see Integrations). Our Barcode Scanners operate an open version of Android so it will work with virtually any software solution which is compatible with Android.


Our flagship product, the ScanSKU™ Android Barcode Scanner is priced at $690 AUD and is now available worldwide and will be shipped free right to your door. We also offer a 30 day trial, where you can test and confirm the capability of the Android Barcode Scanners with your operations, platform or software, with a full refund provided if it does not meet your needs.

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Free Delivery within Australia

Free, Fast and Trackable Delivery

Convenience of ordering online with Free delivery within Australia dispatching within 24 hours of ordering

30 day money back

30 Day Trial Period

On all our range of products to allow you to see if it will work with your operation

A snapshot of some of our Popular Integrations and Add-ons

Android Barcode Scanner Apps

Android Barcode Scanner I Stocktaking

Bring your own Device

ScanSKU now offers a range of Hardware options which allow you to bring and use your own phone or tablet.

Android OS

The M Series Barcode Scanner runs Android 5.1. This allows you to use the Barcode Scanner with a large number of 3rd party applications in the field of Logistics, Asset Management, Mobile Invoicing and eCommerce!


The ScanSKU Barcode Scanner has full WiFi capability so you can sync and upload your data as you go or when you get within WiFi Range.

Mobilise Your Business

ScanSKU offers products and services to ensure your operations are integrated and Mobile. No more heading back to a PC to update an order status, invoice or update Data, this can now be done on the go, at the front-line of your operations

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