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ScanSKU® develop Rugged Android Barcode Scanners and User Focused Android Applications. Our Scanners and Applications can be used by anyone with limited tech experience, in environments such as Retail, Transport, Logistics and Asset Management.

scansku hardware and apps


ScanSKU has multiple hardware solutions for your business. Our experts can help you determine the best hardware fit for your operation. Whether it be in the Warehouse, Retail Shop or Vehicle, there are Rugged Solutions to meeting any requirement


We offer specialist technical, solution and best practice when developing our off the shelf applications and custom solutions. Suitable for Inventory Management, Transport, Retail, Asset Management and other Industries. We can guide you to then best software solution for your business.


I recently purchased a ScanSKU scanner. I love it! I was also able to work with the team there who helped me greatly with improving my ScanSKU to work exactly how I needed it. Excellent products and even better customer service!

Trenton @ Bryke Racing, LLC

Have gone above and beyond what was expected to help implement our new scanner for our stock management system. Can't recommend highly enough!

Dave @ Coast Water Sports

The scanner works great and the setup is easy. Fantastic customer support! Very responsive to user needs.

Jacob @ Griffith Rubber