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Case Studies

ScanSKU has worked with many retailers, transport and warehousing companies Globally. Here is more in depth look at a few of those partnerships which we are particularly proud of!


ScanSKU worked with Peter from Schmersal to develop a custom application for barcode verification within their operations. Here are some words from Peter at Schmersal

The ScanSKU app is impressively simple and user-friendly. When we encountered challenges with some scanners, their tech support demonstrated remarkable responsiveness and expertise, promptly resolving our issues and ensuring a seamless implementation.

What truly sets ScanSKU apart is the outstanding support we received when we discovered discrepancies in our partcodes during app usage. Upon sharing this concern with ScanSKU, their team swiftly devised a solution that not only addressed our immediate issue but also played a crucial role in preventing shipping errors for our customers.

While the product itself is fantastic, it's the people behind ScanSKU who truly make the difference. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and problem-solving has left a lasting impression on our team. I wholeheartedly recommend ScanSKU to anyone in need of reliable barcode verification, confident that their exceptional product and support will exceed expectations.


Raphael Sewing Machines Inc. / Techsew was established in 1974 as a supplier of new and used industrial sewing machines for the manufacturing industry in Montreal, Canada.  

Like most SMBs, Techsew wanted a standalone picking solution which was easy for the warehouse employees to use, yet robust to handle large numbers of orders. What started with a Google Search for solutions resulted in the implementation of the ScanSKU Picking Platform.

Read more about this partnership here!

Mister Zimi's Fulfilment Transformation with ScanSKU Hardware


Mister Zimi, an Australian fashion brand known for its 70s-inspired, globally-influenced patterns and prints, has experienced significant growth since its inception over a decade ago by Zoe and Jimi Paul. Originating in Bali and now based in Byron Bay, the brand's philosophy of "summer style all year round" has led to its rapid expansion. This journey included increasing their collections from two to seven annually, opening multiple stores along the East Coast of Australia, and upgrading to a custom office space in Melbourne.


Despite its success, Mister Zimi faced operational challenges with its fulfilment process. Prior to 2019, the brand managed orders and inventory through Shopify, Starshipit, and the Stocky app, without a dedicated Warehouse Management System (WMS). This manual and paper-based approach resulted in inefficiencies, inaccuracies in inventory control, and customer service issues. The decision to move to a significantly larger warehouse space and initially use a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) provider only compounded these challenges, leading to a loss of control and fulfilment headaches.


In pursuit of improved efficiency, inventory control, and customer service, Mister Zimi evaluated and implemented Peoplevox's WMS, upon recommendation from Starshipit. A crucial aspect of this transformation was the integration of ScanSKU's advanced hardware scanners, which played a pivotal role in streamlining the picking, packing, and inventory management processes. ScanSKU's reliable and robust hardware solutions provided the necessary support for Mister Zimi's warehouse team to regain control over their fulfilment operations.


The implementation of Peoplevox's WMS, complemented by ScanSKU's hardware, marked a new era for Mister Zimi. Within just five weeks, the brand saw a dramatic improvement in order processing speed, accuracy in inventory management across warehouse, website, and retail stores, and an enhancement in customer service quality. The successful transition from a manual, inefficient system to a technology-driven, efficient fulfilment process underscores the importance of selecting the right partners, like ScanSKU, in achieving operational excellence.


Mister Zimi's fulfilment journey from manual chaos to warehouse bliss exemplifies the transformative impact of integrating state-of-the-art technology and hardware solutions. ScanSKU is proud to have contributed to Mister Zimi's success, showcasing our commitment to providing cutting-edge hardware that supports our clients' growth and operational needs.

Showpo's Customer Experience Revolution with ScanSKU Hardware


Showpo, a leading Australian online fashion retailer, transformed its customer experience and operational efficiency by addressing critical warehouse challenges. Founded by Jane Lu in 2010 and initially operating from a garage in Sydney, Showpo transitioned from brick-and-mortar to an exclusively online model in 2013. Leveraging social media for growth, the company experienced a 50% year-over-year increase, expanding its international presence significantly. However, rapid growth brought customer service challenges, highlighted by a significant issue during the Easter sales period of 2018, which led to warehouse chaos and social media backlash.


Faced with the task of processing over 3,000 orders daily, Showpo encountered problems that impacted their customer satisfaction severely. Inadequate resources during peak sales periods and technical glitches led to delays in order dispatch and returns processing. These operational inefficiencies threatened Showpo's reputation, prompting an urgent need for a scalable and efficient solution to regain control over their fulfilment process.


Showpo's decision to collaborate with Peoplevox for its warehouse management needs was pivotal. However, equally crucial was integrating ScanSKU's advanced hardware scanners to streamline warehouse operations further. ScanSKU provided the essential tools to support Showpo's transition to a paperless, highly efficient warehouse system. This move enabled Showpo to address the core issues of timely order dispatch, accurate returns processing, and maintaining inventory accuracy, thus alleviating the pressure on their customer service team.


The implementation of Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System (WMS), supported by ScanSKU's hardware, transformed Showpo's operational capabilities. Within just five weeks, Showpo was able to bring their ecommerce fulfilment in-house, moving away from third-party logistics providers. This strategic shift resulted in:

- Enhanced service offerings, including extended next-day shipping deadlines.

- Significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

- Recognition as a 'Technology Champion' at the Online Retailer awards event (ORIAS) in Sydney, July 2019.


Showpo's journey from warehouse chaos to a streamlined, efficient fulfilment process exemplifies the transformative power of combining innovative software solutions with the right hardware support. ScanSKU is proud to have played a role in this transformation, offering the hardware backbone that ensured a smooth, efficient transition and ongoing operational excellence. This case study showcases our commitment to empowering businesses like Showpo to take control of their customer experience through technological advancement.


Sun Basket is a San Francisco-based subscription meal delivery service that ships members fresh organic and sustainable ingredients and recipes every week, allowing them to cook their own meals.

They were faced with a problem in their production line where errors were being made in which items were packed into which boxes. The solution was the ScanSKU Barcode Matching Application

"the barcode matching software dramatically improved the performance of the automation line." Ed from Sun Basket recalls

Previously this was a manual process which would slow down the rate at which orders could go out. The use of the barcode matching has been a game changer for Sun Basket as they look for every efficiency they can within the warehouse. See the video below!