Any Industry

Our Stocktake solutions can track inventory and reduce stock losses in a variety of Industries from Warehousing to Retailing to Hospitality.

Retail warehouse Stocktakes


Stocktake solutions is not only confined to the warehouse. The same principles can be applied to a wide range of industries. These include Warehousing to Retailing to Hospitality where stock on hand, usage and losses are important.

Ways our Stocktake solution can assist to enhance your business with or without you physically being there is;

  • On time information of your stock holdings
  • Having the ideal stock level to optimise cash flow
  • Assist in replenishing stock
  • Tracking stock usage
  • Empowering you with the tools to question usage or potential stock losses
  • Stocktake frequency is up to you

Some other industries our unit is perfectly suited to include:


  • Store employees can quickly scan stock with minimal time wastage
  • Provides ability to cross check takings with actual stock on hand
  • Allows you to promptly identify high sellers and ordering requirement
  • Information on hand to query losses
  • Suited to both single and multiple stores



  • Employees can quickly scan stock with minimal time wastage
  • Smarter way of checking stock than writing on paper
  • Track usages and ingredients ordering required
  • Optimise stock on hand, save on being overstock on items such as wines
  • Information to query usage trends