Getting Started- The Basics

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The Inventory Cloud App allows you to input and store your Inventory data on our Cloud Servers. High level functionality includes:

– Receiving Stock

– Dispatching Stock

– Cycle Counts

– Stocktaking

– Transferring stock between Locations

– Reporting

– Recording stock at bin location level

– Multiple Users moving stock at the same time

– Tracking of stock changes with timestamp and user details

– Managing product/SKU details such as pricing and descriptions

The first step when using the App, is to upload your existing data into the cloud database. This can be done in 2 ways:

1. Open the App click on ‘Import Data’ and Use the import CSV (spreadsheet) feature under ‘Product and Stock’

2. Scan your SKUs in one by one in the ‘Receiving’ Menu Item

More details on both these functions can be found in the relevant articles in this category


All of the modules can be accessed via the Main Screen. To return to this main screen, select the ‘left arrow’ at the top of each module.

Logging out- On the main screen select ‘Exit App’ to log out and exit.

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