Cin7 Core (Dear WMS) Inventory Android Barcode Scanner & ScanSKU


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Cin7 Core (Formally Dear Inventory) I ScanSKU

Cin7 Core provides wireless barcode scanning to improve order picking. If you need to increase the productivity of your warehouse team, Cin7 Core Mobile picking can help you:

• Reduce picking errors through barcode scanning and order validation
• Increase productivity with guided walk paths to optimize the picking process.
• Increase your fill rate and sales by leveraging real-time visibility to inventory quantities and location.
• Gain more efficient and accurate inventory control by scanning serial and lot numbers.

Cin7 Core have more information on the app here:

The Cin7 Core Android App is available direct from the Google Play Store. This enables you to use the ScanSKU scanners to pick and pack, conduct stocktakes and many other functions