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Cin7Core- Server Connection Error- Update Certificate

Instructions for Cin7Core WMS:

This applies to any ScanSKU Scanner with Android 10 or older.

  1. Uninstall the Cin7Core app
  2. Download the new certificate here.
  1. Download it straight onto your scanner by opening this link in chrome or another browser on the device. Once downloaded you can press the ‘Open’ Button
  2. Or if this doesn’t show, find the app called “Files”, open that, and navigate to where you saved the file. Press the file to install it.
  3. It will then ask you to confirm your ‘pattern’ or whatever security you have set on your device. If you have not set a pattern on the device, it will ask you to enable one.
  4. Name the certificate. You can select any name. Leave the next drop down as “VPN and Apps”. Press OK
  5. Now reinstall Cin7Core from the google play store.