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Finale Inventory & the ScanSKU Barcode Scanner


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Finale Inventory I ScanSKU Barcode Scanner

Finale Inventory offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution to increase warehouse productivity and inventory count accuracy. With our integrated barcode system, easy-to-use and implement software, comprehensive training, and technical support, Finale Inventory will address all your mobile barcode inventory management needs.

Finale Pairs perfectly with the ScanSKU scanners


✔ Receive PO shipments
✔ Cycle Counting
✔ Stock adjustments
✔ Stock transfers
✔ Sale order picking
✔ Discrete order picking
✔ Batch order picking (wave picking and pick and pack)
✔ Serial number tracking
✔ Lot tracking
✔ Multi-location support

Set up Tips: Set your Scanner to "Keyboard Mode" in the "Scanner app" which comes pre-loaded on the scanners.

The Finale Android App and is compatible with the ScanSKU scanners