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Magaya Flow WMS & the ScanSKU Barcode Scanner


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Your Most Optimized Warehouse Ever with Magaya- Android Barcode Scanners


Magaya helps you optimize your warehouse operations by mapping out arrival locations. This facilitates put away and picking with a directed operations sequence.

Set default locations for your inventory according to the most efficient and lean flow of goods. Magaya WMS delivers inventory tracking software so you can place the most in-demand products closer to your ship stations to speed up the shipping process. This also helps by designating receiving zones for inbound inventory which will help delivery drivers determine the correct warehouse loading dock.

You can also define types of storage for specific inventory. This is especially useful for companies who supply consumables, as you will be able to monitor the date the product was received and how long it has been on your shelves, allowing you to minimize product degradation and obsolescence.


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